Freedom is our reason for being and it is our greatest challenge. If we are to solve the threats to our freedom in the problems of today’s economics, politics, education and religion we will have to get to the heart of the lie that is behind it and challenge it by absolute truth. We will have to accept our roles as “kings and priests unto God,” which means rulers and leaders in the Matter spheres, in the community, in the world, and priests officiating and dispensing the sacred fire in the Spirit.
Come and be enlightened by knowledge of the abundant life as well as its antithesis as evil in society. Be empowered by God’s mandate for the sons and daughters of God to rule the earth. And be inspired to spread the word of truth to lightbearers across the globe. Come and find the divine solutions to world problems and be truly free!


  • Timeless lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the true nature of capitalism, communism, the fallacies of socialistic thinking, the truth of the abundant life, spiritual antidotes and invoking the true spirit of patriotism.
  • Selected dictations by the ascended masters to empower and enlighten us to defend and take back our freedoms and our rightful place as Christed leaders.
  • In-depth study of Saint Germain’s solutions to ensure the economic survival of the nations.
  • Workshop on how to dissect seemingly sound arguments for current trends in society, and how to convey the fundamental truths of a higher way to those who are caught in the web of one-sided ideologies.
  • A novena to Surya, Hierarch of the God Star Sirius, to strengthen the flame of divine reality on this planet and a special decree service called for by beloved Nada.


  • Attendees should have a foundational understanding of the teachings of the ascended masters and the science of the spoken word. Minimum age: 15.
  • The Call of Sirius can be attended virtually through Zoom or onsite at the Holland Teaching Center. Both options will include breakout workshops to support a rich learning and community experience.
  • The seminar begins on Friday, November 18 at 9:00h CEST and concludes on Sunday, November 20 at 18:00h CEST.


Onsite attendance:

Pre-registration until November 13: € 130,-
After November 13: € 150,-

Virtual attendance:

Pre-registration until November 13: € 130,-
After November 13: € 150,-


There are no required textbooks for this seminar.


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Address : Holland Teaching Center, Snelliuspad 23A, 3817 TN Amersfoort